Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Haus Pankcakes and a new Griddle

Yesterday morning we used our new griddle that we got for Christmas thanks to CRASH who took notice in the fact that I love making pancakes but making them in pan is not that great! We also used our breakfast of the month club pancake mix and peach syrup! You might be thinking that the pancakes look a little on the dark side...well haven't you ever heard your first batch you always throw it was the first time using the griddle :) Pancakes were great and so was the syrup!
Last night we went out to Lancaster Brewing Company for my little brother Alex's 21st birthday. We had a great time and then Justin and I went out to the Brickyard with him and his friends which was nice, it made me miss going out in my college days. But soon enough I will be able to drink a nice frosty beer!
Today Justin and I are continuing house construction hoping to finish both downstairs bathrooms and paint the bedroom before Cody comes...Last night at dinner my mom had everyone write on money when they thought he was coming and how big he will be. So feel free to place your bets! I mean if i have to suffer through a few more weeks I might as well try and get some money out of it!


  1. uh hello you don't get the money the person who is closest gets it!

  2. UH HELLO i bet money too...soooo if i am right i get the money thank you