Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Furture Swimmer

I think it is safe to say that we have a future swimmer on our hands! I must admit the first time i took Cody in the pool I was a little nervous he would scream and cry. To my surprise we was very calm, he laughed, and even kicked his legs like he wanted to go somewhere. And these days with how hot it has been the pool has been a great place to hang out not only for me but for Cody too! OH we also took out very first beach trip this past weekend. Cody LOVED the beach, he slept all day and was super happy. He even got to stick his feet in the water before we left.
A few weeks ago Cody started eating cereal and he is so happy with life. I love all the firsts we get to experience with Cody right now. It is like every day is something new, we either learn something new about being parents or Cody learns or experiences something new.
I am loving Summer and the time we are getting to spend with our families and friends, but I do not love this heatwave...and neither does Whiskey(he doesnt like the pool at all) Well we are excited to watch Cody grow and learn and do new things every day. And I will do my best to share them with every one as they come.