Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Haus Pankcakes and a new Griddle

Yesterday morning we used our new griddle that we got for Christmas thanks to CRASH who took notice in the fact that I love making pancakes but making them in pan is not that great! We also used our breakfast of the month club pancake mix and peach syrup! You might be thinking that the pancakes look a little on the dark side...well haven't you ever heard your first batch you always throw it was the first time using the griddle :) Pancakes were great and so was the syrup!
Last night we went out to Lancaster Brewing Company for my little brother Alex's 21st birthday. We had a great time and then Justin and I went out to the Brickyard with him and his friends which was nice, it made me miss going out in my college days. But soon enough I will be able to drink a nice frosty beer!
Today Justin and I are continuing house construction hoping to finish both downstairs bathrooms and paint the bedroom before Cody comes...Last night at dinner my mom had everyone write on money when they thought he was coming and how big he will be. So feel free to place your bets! I mean if i have to suffer through a few more weeks I might as well try and get some money out of it!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

This week all of our stuff came for "The month Clubs" We got Breakfast of the month which included Pancake/Waffle mix and a peach syrup, Cheesecake of the month which was this amazing raspberry cheesecake, and finally ICE CREAM of the month which we got 4 flavors...Maple Blondie, Sherbet, Moose Tracks, and some chocolate mint ice cream with andies chocolate mints, thin mints, and fudge swirls!
When the ice cream came yesterday it was in a foam container with little ice cube pieces all inside. NOW i thought it was a little strange they would put regular ice cubes in the box but the ice cream was frozen so I wasn't too bothered by it. So I dumped the ice in the sink and turned on the hot water to melt it, When I turned around my WHOLE kitchen was full of smoke...YES thats right it was dry ice and not regular ice! BUT no where on the box or around the box did it say it was dry ice. Every time I have seen dry ice it has been wrapped in a package of come sort which a warning or caution label on it. So if you are wondering what the picture is of whiskey standing by the sink and something overflowing...its the dry ice in the sink!
So that was the highlight on my weeks so far, this weekend Justin and I both have off and hopefully will get most of both downstairs bathrooms finished but we will see!
OH YEA I forgot my mom wants to start a game to see who can guess when Cody will actually come...My real due date is February 25th, my bet is on February 13th!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

MFM Appointment

Well I am not going to say I wasn't disappointed when the MFM doctor came in and said "OK you are good just go home and within 4 weeks you won't be pregnant any more" Geee thanks...The important part is that he is doing great and I am doing great and we are both healthy. I am maybe done being pregnant and a little on the tired side, but lets face it I guess every pregnant women goes through that at the end.
Cody is measuring a week and a half ahead of schedule so either he is coming in less then 2 weeks! OR he is just a big...all I know is he has the cutest nose and cheeks ever!
NOW to the most important part of my whole day, When we pulled up to the doctors office there was an older man getting out of his car next to us and as I got out I looked over and there he was emptying his bladder right next to his car! YES THATS RIGHT HE WAS PEEING NEXT TO THE CAR. For everyone to see, and he could have just walked 10 more feet inside and used the bathroom like a normal human...but NO of course he just whipped it right out and I just happened to be there at that moment in time to share his bathroom experience with him! SO THANK YOU guy for the lovely image I will now carry in my head at least until tomorrow!
Other then that this week has been moving right along and I am ready to birth this kid out! :)

Friday, January 22, 2010


Sorry its been so long since I have updated I know my sister is waiting for me to put up pictures from the Rodeo. So here they are...sorry if some of them are blurry even though we had front row seats and got dirt kicked on us, it is a bit hard to take good pictures when those crazy animals move that fast.
OK so this week was a bit crazy I am glad it is the weekend but not super glad I work tomorrow and Sunday but it must be done.
I went to the doctors on Tuesday and well they are clueless which doesn't make me feel to great. I got some blood work back and now I have to go back to the maternal fetal medicine doctor not sure why but I don't think its anything to worry about. Also I had high protein in my pee so they made me pee in a JUG for 24 hours....yes thats right a JUG. I wish I would have taken a picture of this thing, no lie a man invented it. First off there was NO WAY I could squat and pee into that thing on a normal day let alone being 8 months pregnant! I MEAN COME ON, it is hard enough to pee sitting down these days. Long story short it came back and things are fine, iron level is a little low but they want me to take iron pills (i think i will pass, considering i wont be able to go then either) if you get my drift.
Justin is just about done painting the living room, one more wall...then its on to the two bathrooms.
Oh yea and the best part of my week...Justin stalking the deer in the field next to our house...I guess this had a little something to do with me. I got home one night to find a couple of Doe in the field and called Justin. He then wanted me to SHOOT them but i clearly did not know how to do that when there was nothing in the house to do that with. NOT to mention we live on a street with other houses and hunting season is over! So once Justin got home from work it was dark and he made me walk into the field with him to find the Deer that were hiding in the woods.
Tonight we are going for Fondue at Crashs!!!!!!! Maybe ill have some fun pictures from that, also BRUCE IS HOME FOR GOOD! He is a good friend of ours and has been in Iraq for the last year so we are super excited he is home and safe...He will be coming down to spend the day with us tomorrow and we are going to Hershey to hang out and then out to Red Robin.
OK well have a great weekend everyone!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Taco Night

Tonight I made Tacos...Justin 2nd favorite meal, last night was cheese steaks. I also used my new brownie pan that already has the cuts in the brownie...thats amazing! After dinner Justin went to shoot his bow at the archery shop. Our house is 100% clean so the only thing left to do is relax! Happy Thursday every one...One more day till the weekend!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Happy Hump Day everyone! Well now that the holidays are over Justin and I will not only be expecting Cody in about a month, we also will be trying to upgrade some of our house. My dad came over last night and helped take off the sliding doors on the shower. Which is great because this bathroom is the bathroom where I would give Cody a bath and it would have been very hard with the doors. Next line of business removing the floral wallpaper woohoo!
Yesterday was a nice relaxing day for me I was off of work due to doctors orders. Cody wasn't moving like he normally does so I went into the hospital around 630am they hooked me up to a stress test and after about an hour, some juice, and midwife George wiggling my belly around...he said Cody was fine and to go home and get some well deserved rest. Mom and Ash and baby tot came over to help clean and fold laundry!
Today some stranger at work made my day when she asked me when I was due and I told her February 25th and she said "Oh my gosh you look amazing!" For once I didn't hear "WOW...February...I dont think you could get any bigger" Like it is really any stranger business how big or not big I am. Note to all people who have never been pregnant, probably keep those comments to yourself....especially if you dont know that lady.
Well Justin and I are still waiting...It was nice having Hailey here yesterday because she got to try out all my sweet baby stuff! I am not too sure if Whiskey is ready he doesn't seem to like babies to much...i think its an attention thing!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Hello Monday! You know some Monday mornings where you just wish you could have stayed home in your sweatpants and did nothing all day? Well that was how I was feeling all day today. Now that my long day of work is over for the week I can look foward to the weekend. This past weekend Justin and I had a very nice and relaxing time. Saturday I went to work for a little while he hunted the last day of archery for the year..NO LUCK I guess we will just have to wait for next season to put up that nice big deer head in my sad :) But Saturday afternoon our friend Eric came down to spend the night and hang out. He actually came so him and Justin could make some CD for work with combat sounds on it for the soldiers they train. They spend most of the night on the computer. I finally got a chance to use our new dehydrator and attempt to make apple leather. For those of you who dont know its amazing! It is sort of like a fruit roll-up made with real apple sauce. Well what I thought would take 6 hours really took 11 hours! It did turn out good though! (dont worry ash I will make more)
Sunday we went to church and came home and hung out around the house until my sister called and asked if we wanted to come over for Deer Roast! It was delicious and we had a great time hanging out with them. So other then that it was a pretty relaxed weekend nothing to exciting happened. We are still just waiting for Cody they are telling me it could be another 6 to 7 weeks but I am hoping if he is anything like his parents we could expect him around Valentines day!

Friday, January 8, 2010

The 3 Stooges

The one of the left is our current child Whiskey he will be 3 this february (right when cody will be born). I felt like i needed to tell everyone about him since he is very much apart of this family The middle dog is Mia she is 1 and belongs to my brother and Trina, the white one on the right thats skyy shes 2 and she belongs to my mom and dad!
Lets just say I guess I am responsible for all 3 of these dogs being apart of my family's life. I cant help it boxers are like potato chips you can never just have one! Skyy came to me and justin two christmas eves ago and we couldnt keep her because of where we lived. So off to my parents she went and LOVED it and they love her too. Mia is a rescue boxer, again i couldnt help myself when I heard about her on the radio at 8am called my brother in shippensburg and asked him if he wanted a puppy!
I am sure you will all hear a lot about Whiskey, because he is crazy but I love him to death! Sometimes people would say he is naughty, I would have to disagree he is just very interested in everything.
For anyone who doesnt have a dog but is looking for a great pet and family dog, the boxer is a great way to go. They will always make you laugh and they are super loyal. Plus look how cute all three of these dogs are!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spit Happens

Today was a pretty busy but fun day. I had the day off from work but woke up with Justin to take him all the way to Ft Indiantown Gap for work (we only have one car right now). Once I got home Ashley and I went to the restaurant store to get a few things for Javateas. After that we went and picked up stinkdog millionaire aka Hailey and took her back to my house so ash and I could get a few things ready for Cody in the nursery. Ash had to leave around 12 to go get her hair cut and in the meantime I thought I would be helpful and change Hailey’s diaper and Pjs. Needless to say it didn’t go very well, I guess once Cody comes I will get a little more practice changing newborns. BUT while I was changing her not only did she have a sweet mess on the Pjs she was wearing and all up her back, but once I finally got her cleaned up and the old Pjs off she decided to pee on the new Pjs...It doesn’t stop there! So good thing Cody isn’t here yet because he offered to share his penguin Pjs. Once I got her all cleaned up and ready to go I picked her up and well...she spit up all over my shirt! Meanwhile she is crying, Ashley is yelling that I am doing it wrong, and Whiskey (our wonderful boxer) is crying to be let out. So with all that said I am still looking forward to being a mom and for Cody to get here soon! In the words of my dad "spit happens!" and Ash thanks for telling like everyone you know!