Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Happy Hump Day everyone! Well now that the holidays are over Justin and I will not only be expecting Cody in about a month, we also will be trying to upgrade some of our house. My dad came over last night and helped take off the sliding doors on the shower. Which is great because this bathroom is the bathroom where I would give Cody a bath and it would have been very hard with the doors. Next line of business removing the floral wallpaper woohoo!
Yesterday was a nice relaxing day for me I was off of work due to doctors orders. Cody wasn't moving like he normally does so I went into the hospital around 630am they hooked me up to a stress test and after about an hour, some juice, and midwife George wiggling my belly around...he said Cody was fine and to go home and get some well deserved rest. Mom and Ash and baby tot came over to help clean and fold laundry!
Today some stranger at work made my day when she asked me when I was due and I told her February 25th and she said "Oh my gosh you look amazing!" For once I didn't hear "WOW...February...I dont think you could get any bigger" Like it is really any stranger business how big or not big I am. Note to all people who have never been pregnant, probably keep those comments to yourself....especially if you dont know that lady.
Well Justin and I are still waiting...It was nice having Hailey here yesterday because she got to try out all my sweet baby stuff! I am not too sure if Whiskey is ready he doesn't seem to like babies to much...i think its an attention thing!

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  1. To GREAT workin men!!!!!! Manda and I were helpers too....we gave them beers!!!! Greg just loves helping out his's nice they let us (even though they really don't need our help so much ;)