Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Whiskey Time

The more Cody grows the more I think Whiskey is becoming his best friend. The other night Cody was really fussy so I took him into his room and laid him in his boppy on the floor. We turned on music and that seemed to calm him down, so I then started to clean his room and reorganize things. I walked out of the room for literally 2 mins and when I came back I found Whiskey laying right next to Cody with his head next to Cody's on the boppy. And well Cody was asleep at this point but Whiskey I think felt like he was being helpful by watching him while I left the room.
Also Cody this week was switched over to a faster flowing bottle nipple which I really think he appreciates, but at the same time now I think he wants more! As from before it took so long to eat I think he got bored. Also he wants to so badly hold his own bottle but hasnt seem to master that skill just yet!

Saturday, May 22, 2010

3 months old!

Cody will be 3 months old this week! I am not sure why the first 2 months flew by so fast but this last month just really seemed like it slowed down. I cannot believe how big he is getting, every day I think he looks bigger. He has been laughing and giggling and smiling all the time. The last few days have been rough I think it is because we tried to change baby formulas and that did not go over so well. So then the doctor told us to change from Parents choice gentle to sensitive. Well now he cannot go to the bathroom, so it looks like we are just going to be switching back to Good start gentle plus. I think it agrees with his stomach better. Last weekend Justin came home from a week away in San Antonio. Cody and I missed him very much while he was away. It is definitely a challenge being home alone with a 3 month old and working fulltime if you are not used to that. I really do appreciate the time Justin spends with Cody while I am working nights. But thanks to my wonderful family I did get a lot of help last week.
Also last weekend right after I picked Justin up from the airport we drove right to the National Harbor right outside D.C. to go to this really sweet piano bar! Justin's cousin Adam is leaving for the middle east in a about a month and it was our last opportunity to see him before he goes away for a year! Once I get the pictures from Mindy (adams wife) I will put some up on the blog.
Next weekend my little brother will be getting married so this week will be very busy for every one. I will make sure to take lots of pictures so that way next week I will have something new to post! Jill I really hope this post keeps you busy for a few mins monday morning! :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

First Mothers Day

I am sorry to all my followers ( aka just Jill ) for not updating as much as I should. Cody has been growing so fast right in front of our eyes. He started smiling a few weeks ago and is trying really hard to laugh and find his voice. This past weekend he discovered he had hands and feet because he spend a very long time staring at them, and he tries to grab his feet every once in a while. Also yesterday both times I put him on his belly to play I walked out of the room and came back in and he was on his back!
I love being a mom it is such a wonderful thing. I love coming home from work every day to see Cody smiling and trying to talk to everyone. Sure he still has his days and moments that are rough but I don't think those days ever go away. Yesterday while both Justin and Cody napped I took some time to catch up on Cody's baby book. I got to write him a letter he can read the day he graduates high school, which was actually a lot of fun to write. I also tapped in his hospital bracelets and newspaper headings from the day he was born.
This morning I was woken up by the wonderful smell of bacon when my husband ran into the room and jumped on our bed. Cody had been fed and put back down for his morning nap and I had an amazing breakfast waiting! This is starting to shape up to a pretty great mothers day. Jill thank you for reading my blog and encouraging me to update! I hope this keeps you entertained at work for at least a few mins! You should start your own blog so I can read about all the crazy things you and Adam do week to week. Plus I would like to read about your dogs they are just as crazy as little kids!
Happy mothers day to all the moms out there!