Thursday, January 7, 2010

Spit Happens

Today was a pretty busy but fun day. I had the day off from work but woke up with Justin to take him all the way to Ft Indiantown Gap for work (we only have one car right now). Once I got home Ashley and I went to the restaurant store to get a few things for Javateas. After that we went and picked up stinkdog millionaire aka Hailey and took her back to my house so ash and I could get a few things ready for Cody in the nursery. Ash had to leave around 12 to go get her hair cut and in the meantime I thought I would be helpful and change Hailey’s diaper and Pjs. Needless to say it didn’t go very well, I guess once Cody comes I will get a little more practice changing newborns. BUT while I was changing her not only did she have a sweet mess on the Pjs she was wearing and all up her back, but once I finally got her cleaned up and the old Pjs off she decided to pee on the new Pjs...It doesn’t stop there! So good thing Cody isn’t here yet because he offered to share his penguin Pjs. Once I got her all cleaned up and ready to go I picked her up and well...she spit up all over my shirt! Meanwhile she is crying, Ashley is yelling that I am doing it wrong, and Whiskey (our wonderful boxer) is crying to be let out. So with all that said I am still looking forward to being a mom and for Cody to get here soon! In the words of my dad "spit happens!" and Ash thanks for telling like everyone you know!


  1. YOU posted it on the public internet for all to see so you must not be too upset! haha i laughed all over again when I read about it though!!! LOL Cod-Man will prob pee on you least it gives you somethign to blog about lol LOVE YOU

  2. Haha, nice!! Those are fun, fun days!! It doesn't get much better in the gross department. Luke woke up at 8:00 last night throwing up whole grapes, yes, I said whole grapes. Apparently when he ate his dinner, he thought it was more fun to swallow them whole instead of chewing them up. Poor guy! After three rounds of that, he had his little belly emptied out and was back in bed by 10:00. What a night! ;)