Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Toddler Years

Well Cody is 17 months old and he is def a toddler and no longer a baby! He is more independent then ever and when he is wanting to be held because he is tired or got hurt he always wants his DADDY. But according to Cody these days he doesnt have a daddy he has a JUSTIN! And no matter how many times I try to scolled him or correct him he just giggles and says "Justin Daddy!" We were away this weekend at my parents cabin and all weekend all he wanted to do was watch for DEER or talk to JUSTIN. Cody goes to daycare fulltime where I work and he can name every single one of his classmates and if they are not there on a particular day he asked where they are the whole day! I love being a mom especially right now when Cody is learning and saying new things every day...He is funny and he knows it, he loves making people laugh at him or he laughs at himself so we laugh at him. His best friend is Whiskey for sure these days, I dont think whiskey is thrilled about this but he seems to live with it. Cody every day when we come home from daycare will run into Whiskeys room and try to let him out of his crate so he can go outside. After he comes in Cody will get Whisk to chase him around the living room and vise versa. Cody chases whiskey around more and tries to bite his tail which whiskey does not appreciate! Our computers are currenly busted so I cant post pictures but once I get a chance I will be posting lots of pictures.
In our adult life we have been very busy working, going to weddings, working weddings, visiting friends, and working on our yard which seems to be a lost cause at this point in the year. Justins dad is building Cody a swing set but it has been soooo hot still in the afternoons that we havent spent much time outside after we get home. Justin and I have been praying a lot about a pretty big decision we are trying to make and God seems to be opening the doors and we are just trusting that if he opens them we will walk through. I will keep you all posted as far as that is concerned!
Until the next time I have a chance to blog check out my sister ashleys blog for some funny pictures of the kids and us on our weekend getaway. http://crashandaddi.blogspot.com/