Friday, January 8, 2010

The 3 Stooges

The one of the left is our current child Whiskey he will be 3 this february (right when cody will be born). I felt like i needed to tell everyone about him since he is very much apart of this family The middle dog is Mia she is 1 and belongs to my brother and Trina, the white one on the right thats skyy shes 2 and she belongs to my mom and dad!
Lets just say I guess I am responsible for all 3 of these dogs being apart of my family's life. I cant help it boxers are like potato chips you can never just have one! Skyy came to me and justin two christmas eves ago and we couldnt keep her because of where we lived. So off to my parents she went and LOVED it and they love her too. Mia is a rescue boxer, again i couldnt help myself when I heard about her on the radio at 8am called my brother in shippensburg and asked him if he wanted a puppy!
I am sure you will all hear a lot about Whiskey, because he is crazy but I love him to death! Sometimes people would say he is naughty, I would have to disagree he is just very interested in everything.
For anyone who doesnt have a dog but is looking for a great pet and family dog, the boxer is a great way to go. They will always make you laugh and they are super loyal. Plus look how cute all three of these dogs are!

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