Thursday, January 28, 2010

This week all of our stuff came for "The month Clubs" We got Breakfast of the month which included Pancake/Waffle mix and a peach syrup, Cheesecake of the month which was this amazing raspberry cheesecake, and finally ICE CREAM of the month which we got 4 flavors...Maple Blondie, Sherbet, Moose Tracks, and some chocolate mint ice cream with andies chocolate mints, thin mints, and fudge swirls!
When the ice cream came yesterday it was in a foam container with little ice cube pieces all inside. NOW i thought it was a little strange they would put regular ice cubes in the box but the ice cream was frozen so I wasn't too bothered by it. So I dumped the ice in the sink and turned on the hot water to melt it, When I turned around my WHOLE kitchen was full of smoke...YES thats right it was dry ice and not regular ice! BUT no where on the box or around the box did it say it was dry ice. Every time I have seen dry ice it has been wrapped in a package of come sort which a warning or caution label on it. So if you are wondering what the picture is of whiskey standing by the sink and something overflowing...its the dry ice in the sink!
So that was the highlight on my weeks so far, this weekend Justin and I both have off and hopefully will get most of both downstairs bathrooms finished but we will see!
OH YEA I forgot my mom wants to start a game to see who can guess when Cody will actually come...My real due date is February 25th, my bet is on February 13th!


  1. Nana is guessing February 15th. 8lbs 8 oz 21" long........

  2. I am guessing tonight and hoping a pedicure did the trick!