Friday, January 22, 2010


Sorry its been so long since I have updated I know my sister is waiting for me to put up pictures from the Rodeo. So here they are...sorry if some of them are blurry even though we had front row seats and got dirt kicked on us, it is a bit hard to take good pictures when those crazy animals move that fast.
OK so this week was a bit crazy I am glad it is the weekend but not super glad I work tomorrow and Sunday but it must be done.
I went to the doctors on Tuesday and well they are clueless which doesn't make me feel to great. I got some blood work back and now I have to go back to the maternal fetal medicine doctor not sure why but I don't think its anything to worry about. Also I had high protein in my pee so they made me pee in a JUG for 24 hours....yes thats right a JUG. I wish I would have taken a picture of this thing, no lie a man invented it. First off there was NO WAY I could squat and pee into that thing on a normal day let alone being 8 months pregnant! I MEAN COME ON, it is hard enough to pee sitting down these days. Long story short it came back and things are fine, iron level is a little low but they want me to take iron pills (i think i will pass, considering i wont be able to go then either) if you get my drift.
Justin is just about done painting the living room, one more wall...then its on to the two bathrooms.
Oh yea and the best part of my week...Justin stalking the deer in the field next to our house...I guess this had a little something to do with me. I got home one night to find a couple of Doe in the field and called Justin. He then wanted me to SHOOT them but i clearly did not know how to do that when there was nothing in the house to do that with. NOT to mention we live on a street with other houses and hunting season is over! So once Justin got home from work it was dark and he made me walk into the field with him to find the Deer that were hiding in the woods.
Tonight we are going for Fondue at Crashs!!!!!!! Maybe ill have some fun pictures from that, also BRUCE IS HOME FOR GOOD! He is a good friend of ours and has been in Iraq for the last year so we are super excited he is home and safe...He will be coming down to spend the day with us tomorrow and we are going to Hershey to hang out and then out to Red Robin.
OK well have a great weekend everyone!

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