Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Daddy Hugs

I know I said I would try and keep this updated but for some reason I just forget to write. Well now that Cody is rounding 20months he has a lot to say all the time! He LOVES daycare. He knows all the kids names in his class and loves his teachers. Cody is obsessed with the Moon, Airplanes, Deer, Cows, Clifford, and of course Daddy! Justin has been working a lot lately and Cody has been going to bed before he gets home. Last night I was putting him to bed and he says "Mommy! Daddy Hug!" I said "Ok I can give you a Daddy hug!" "NO MOMMY!" as he pushed me away and said to me again "I want Daddy hugs!" I am not sure what a "Daddy Hug" is and why Mommy hugs aren't as good or better but whatever I had to offer last night was not what he wanted...And as I giggled at him he started to cry! You would think I would feel bad but I just couldn't help but laughing! Justin called tonight before he went to bed and Cody held the phone up to his ear and just said "Daddy!" Into the phone for at least 3mins straight. Once we got off the phone with Justin Cody proceeded to tell Daddy about his PJs and Whiskey and his blankie...OH toddlers...ON a side note I have a splinter in my BUTT and it hurts! Guess I will be going to the doctors at some point to try and get it removed haha! TO BE CONTINUED

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Toddler Years

Well Cody is 17 months old and he is def a toddler and no longer a baby! He is more independent then ever and when he is wanting to be held because he is tired or got hurt he always wants his DADDY. But according to Cody these days he doesnt have a daddy he has a JUSTIN! And no matter how many times I try to scolled him or correct him he just giggles and says "Justin Daddy!" We were away this weekend at my parents cabin and all weekend all he wanted to do was watch for DEER or talk to JUSTIN. Cody goes to daycare fulltime where I work and he can name every single one of his classmates and if they are not there on a particular day he asked where they are the whole day! I love being a mom especially right now when Cody is learning and saying new things every day...He is funny and he knows it, he loves making people laugh at him or he laughs at himself so we laugh at him. His best friend is Whiskey for sure these days, I dont think whiskey is thrilled about this but he seems to live with it. Cody every day when we come home from daycare will run into Whiskeys room and try to let him out of his crate so he can go outside. After he comes in Cody will get Whisk to chase him around the living room and vise versa. Cody chases whiskey around more and tries to bite his tail which whiskey does not appreciate! Our computers are currenly busted so I cant post pictures but once I get a chance I will be posting lots of pictures.
In our adult life we have been very busy working, going to weddings, working weddings, visiting friends, and working on our yard which seems to be a lost cause at this point in the year. Justins dad is building Cody a swing set but it has been soooo hot still in the afternoons that we havent spent much time outside after we get home. Justin and I have been praying a lot about a pretty big decision we are trying to make and God seems to be opening the doors and we are just trusting that if he opens them we will walk through. I will keep you all posted as far as that is concerned!
Until the next time I have a chance to blog check out my sister ashleys blog for some funny pictures of the kids and us on our weekend getaway.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Toddler Years

I know I said I would try really hard to blog once a week but my computer has been broken and Justin has been away in Cali at a military school. So here is what has been happening. Cody has become a toddler over night even though I would like to think he is still my baby I am pretty sure he thinks differently. He is talking so much still a lot of it we cant understand but he will look at you in the face and talk like he has having a very serious conversation with you. My sister Alma has moved in with us which actually has been great in my eyes. Cody loves her and says her name probably 100 times a day except it comes out sounding like Mamo most of the time instead of Alma. If she is home before during bed time she plays guitar to him and sings till he falls asleep which is amazing! Justin came home last Thursday night and at 3am I woke up with chills, fever, and strep throat (welcome home Justin ha) We are so ready for summer so we can be over all the sickness. This weekend I am taking Cody to Armed Forces day celebration in Harrisburg since its gonna be the first nice day in over a week. Well this has to be cut short because Cody is having his nightly melt down which tells me it is time for bed. He only will nap for one hour at day care because he is so nervous he is going to miss something. His teachers dont mind though because they love him to pieces and like to take him and walk around with him in the hallways. Pictures to come!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Back to Blogging

OK so after almost 8 months I am going to try and keep up on my blogging skills. Since I have last posted our wonderful baby boy has turned 1 and is coming into his toddler years very nicely. He has been walking since about 10 1/2 months and gets into every thing if we are not watching him. I started a new full time job at a local christian day care. I am an assistant teacher in the 2 year old room. Cody goes with me every day but he is in the nursery still. Hopefully by the end of summer he will move up into the 1 year old room where we will hopefully start talking a little more. Currently my computer is broken or I would post some of the pictures you have missed since 6 months! Justin is currently away at a military school for a few weeks, we dont love that he has been away so much especailly sine Cody love him to pieces and cannot get enough Daddy time! Every time we walk in the house he calls for DADDY...when he wakes up in the morning or after a nap he calls for DADDY. Today was Codys second Easter we had a really nice day with my family. The weather turned out to be beautiful so the kids could play outside on Addi and Hailyes swingset. Well thats it for now I will continue to blog about our every day lif and the funny things Cody is doing every day. I promise we wont let the blog go by the wayside this time.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

6 months old!

Wow how time flies...I work at our coffee shop in the Ephrata Hospital once a week and I get to see lots of pregnant women walking in and out all day long and some that just had their babies. And when I see a brand new born baby its hard to remember Cody like that. I mean he was a big boy when he was born but now he is just a peanut! Last night he decided he was not going to sleep at 8:00 he was going to sleep at 10:00 after he started practicing his crawling techniques! He is something else I love him so much and every day he makes me laugh.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My little cupcake eater

5 1/2 months and so stinking cute! My mom and I took Cody to get his pictures taken this week at the mall. I am not sure why we thought this was a good idea especially when he still naps for most of the day and we had to keep him up way past nap time. Little did I know that he would not sleep for the rest of the day. We did manage to get a few nice pictures of him. I cannot believe that he is almost 6months old. He is getting big, but still fitting into some 3 month clothes...He is just a peanut I guess. He has no interest in trying to get up on his knees yet to learn how to crawl, he just wants his fingers in his mouth all the time! His cousin Hailey wrestles him every Wednesday when Cody goes to my sisters house while I am at work, Cody doesnt seem to mind but I think Hailey would like him to start moving around a little. In the meantime he laughs and plays a lot. He loves when Justin comes home from work just in time to play with him for a few mins before bed, I just dont understand how he can get Cody to laugh as hard as he does! Maybe next time Justin can come along to get Codys pictures taken. Well thats all for now, we are just waiting for Cody to learn to start crawling, then we will have to baby proof our house! OH BOY...On a side note...Cody just gained a new friend last night at 11:48pm Carter 6lbs 6oz 19 inches...Congrats Emily we cant wait to meet him!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Furture Swimmer

I think it is safe to say that we have a future swimmer on our hands! I must admit the first time i took Cody in the pool I was a little nervous he would scream and cry. To my surprise we was very calm, he laughed, and even kicked his legs like he wanted to go somewhere. And these days with how hot it has been the pool has been a great place to hang out not only for me but for Cody too! OH we also took out very first beach trip this past weekend. Cody LOVED the beach, he slept all day and was super happy. He even got to stick his feet in the water before we left.
A few weeks ago Cody started eating cereal and he is so happy with life. I love all the firsts we get to experience with Cody right now. It is like every day is something new, we either learn something new about being parents or Cody learns or experiences something new.
I am loving Summer and the time we are getting to spend with our families and friends, but I do not love this heatwave...and neither does Whiskey(he doesnt like the pool at all) Well we are excited to watch Cody grow and learn and do new things every day. And I will do my best to share them with every one as they come.