Thursday, May 19, 2011

Toddler Years

I know I said I would try really hard to blog once a week but my computer has been broken and Justin has been away in Cali at a military school. So here is what has been happening. Cody has become a toddler over night even though I would like to think he is still my baby I am pretty sure he thinks differently. He is talking so much still a lot of it we cant understand but he will look at you in the face and talk like he has having a very serious conversation with you. My sister Alma has moved in with us which actually has been great in my eyes. Cody loves her and says her name probably 100 times a day except it comes out sounding like Mamo most of the time instead of Alma. If she is home before during bed time she plays guitar to him and sings till he falls asleep which is amazing! Justin came home last Thursday night and at 3am I woke up with chills, fever, and strep throat (welcome home Justin ha) We are so ready for summer so we can be over all the sickness. This weekend I am taking Cody to Armed Forces day celebration in Harrisburg since its gonna be the first nice day in over a week. Well this has to be cut short because Cody is having his nightly melt down which tells me it is time for bed. He only will nap for one hour at day care because he is so nervous he is going to miss something. His teachers dont mind though because they love him to pieces and like to take him and walk around with him in the hallways. Pictures to come!

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