Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Daddy Hugs

I know I said I would try and keep this updated but for some reason I just forget to write. Well now that Cody is rounding 20months he has a lot to say all the time! He LOVES daycare. He knows all the kids names in his class and loves his teachers. Cody is obsessed with the Moon, Airplanes, Deer, Cows, Clifford, and of course Daddy! Justin has been working a lot lately and Cody has been going to bed before he gets home. Last night I was putting him to bed and he says "Mommy! Daddy Hug!" I said "Ok I can give you a Daddy hug!" "NO MOMMY!" as he pushed me away and said to me again "I want Daddy hugs!" I am not sure what a "Daddy Hug" is and why Mommy hugs aren't as good or better but whatever I had to offer last night was not what he wanted...And as I giggled at him he started to cry! You would think I would feel bad but I just couldn't help but laughing! Justin called tonight before he went to bed and Cody held the phone up to his ear and just said "Daddy!" Into the phone for at least 3mins straight. Once we got off the phone with Justin Cody proceeded to tell Daddy about his PJs and Whiskey and his blankie...OH toddlers...ON a side note I have a splinter in my BUTT and it hurts! Guess I will be going to the doctors at some point to try and get it removed haha! TO BE CONTINUED

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