Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day

Well it has seem to be a pretty crazy week around here. I love snow so the blizzard didn't really effect me too much...other then the fact they made Justin drive 45mins to work in the middle of the storm...and of course he drove back since it was our 2 year anniversary and wanted to spend time with me! This weekend we went to the sportsmen outdoor show in Harrisburg which was fun for Justin and Bruce but for me I was just trying to walk as much as I could to get Cody out! I am getting very tired and ready to have my body back. I know every women reading this is not feeling the least bit of sympathy for me but that's ok! Justin is putting up shelves in our basement this morning so we can actually have some organization in our house. We are also going with our friends the Kullman's today to see a movie which should be a lot of fun because we never see them and I really want to see Dear John. Which I heard isn't as good as the book, but I think that is the case for every movie they make from a book. Well that is all I have for now, I am done working so I am going to find ways to make Cody come asap we are ready, even though everyone else says to just enjoy the time I have left...well its a little hard when you dont sleep and you feel huge! Until he comes Justin and I are still getting over our colds (thanks ash). Hopefully this week we will have exciting news...but maybe not...

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  1. Happy Love Day! Enjoy this time together cause "just the two of you" will be gone before you know it......but your lives will be so amazing when Cody decides to arrive!