Friday, February 26, 2010

My Husband Rocks! Friday

Well I cannot believe its Friday for one. Two more days and we can go home from the hospital. My Husband ROCKS he has been super supportive and loving and caring this last week. From the minute i went into labor, to helping me get in and out of bed after my c-section, to changing almost every diaper since we have been here with Cody. I cannot even begin to express my appreciation and respect I have for him. He really has been my rock and strength this week. Justin loves being a dad I can tell already because every time Cody needs something and I try to go and get him Justin is right there telling me to lay back down and rest. Justin is probably one of the best swaddlers I know he watched a nurse do it one time and since then it seems to be one of Codys favorite things. I really love my husband so much and God knows how much i needed him this last week and with out Justin I wouldnt have this very handsome little boy as a son. SO this week I wanted everyone to know how much my Husband ROCKS!

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