Friday, February 19, 2010

Contraction Pains

Well it has now been 24hours since I started having consistent contractions. They didn't start off so bad. We went out to dinner came home I went to bed and then around 130am I woke up due to the fact they were getting a little stronger. The on-call midwife told me to get benadryl and go back to sleep. So I did that and it worked...for a few hours...Then this morning they were a little bit worse so I called into the doctors and they had me come in to get checked. Well not much to report I was/am dilated only 1...but they hooked me up to a monitor because they were concerned that Cody man wasnt moving around so much. After that they sent me to the hospital to be further evaluated and well not much good came from that either! I know midwifes know a lot and blah blah blah...but what I dont understand is why they feel the need to be mean. This midwife came in and got in my face and told me I am not in labor because my face didnt look like it was in labor. Then I told her well that is great but I am in a pretty good amount of pain. She then told me yeah well you could feel this way for weeks sorry about your luck go home! So now we are back home and my contractions seem to be the same getting a little stronger every once in a while. So now we are playing the waiting game and MAYBE we will end up in the hospital tonight sometime but who knows! We are still waiting...

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  1. Well here we are Tuesday 2/23 and Manda you still are carrying the cody-mister around. I know you are soooo close. Hang in there. I love you!