Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Summer So Soon?

I just wanted to take time and post a picture of what the weather was like just two short months ago and now today we are at a high of 89degrees! I would like to say I do not miss the snow but now that I am not pregnant I really am sad I missed all the snow when I could have been snowboarding. I just hope for a great winter next year! And as far as this summer weather...well its great but I am not ready to turn on my AC and all I know is that is very warm in our house!
Cody is growing so big every day even though he only grew 1/2 an inch since February 24th! But I guess since he came out 6ft something (or 22inches ha) He is in the 90th percentile for his height but everything else is average. He had to get his second Hep B shot yesterday which was not fun! Cody has been fighting a cold along with a really bad butt rash! So we havent been sleeping much and our eating schedule seems to be all out of sorts too.
Justin just finished up teaching his last week of his Combat Medic class which was a bit rough on everyone considering he has to spend the night up at work a few nights, normally this would be fine but with a very sick crabby baby it was a bit of a challenge. As for me it is back to work next week! I am really excited to go back to work then I will actually feel like I am doing something during the day other then waiting around for Cody to eat or cry. It will be great because Cody will now get regular Nana time during the week which he will very much love!
Hopefully the weather doesn't get too cold again but more normal spring time temps would be nice!

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