Tuesday, April 20, 2010

3 pounds lighter

So as of last week I decided to join a program that our local gym offers called the Biggest Loser. I NEED to loose my baby weight and then some for all the upcoming weddings for the summer. I started Monday when I met with my team for the first time and our first weigh in was Thursday, so in 3 days we were expected to loose some weight. I was really nervous when I went to step on the scale after most of my team mates had lost anywhere from 5-10 pounds. To my surprise I did loose 3 pounds in 3 days! I have another weigh in this coming up Thursday and I am again a little nervous. I am a little sore today after strength training with my team yesterday and then doing a class called body flex. Which is also weight lifting and a team mate invited me to come along this morning. Well let me tell you, I am sure by the end of today I won't be able to walk up my steps.
My goal my May 30th is to have loss at least 15 pounds. It really has been a lifestyle change for me. Last week when I started the program I also went back to work full time and coming off a pregnancy that I pretty much ate whatever I wanted whenever I wanted. And now I am fitting time into each and every day to work out some how and counting my calories and writing down every thing that goes into my mouth.
I am hoping by June 20th I will look and feel like myself again, and by that I mean 20 pounds lighter and a lot healthier!

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