Saturday, March 27, 2010

Cold & Yard Sale Season

Well it looks like we are not quite out of cold season yet. A few days ago I woke up with a scrathcy throat that has now turned into a really sore throat and ears! Also not to mention my child is having a rough day. He started getting a little on the snotty side the other day and now his nose is all stuffy. We started using the booger sucker which Cody does not love but it is the only way to make a baby feel better when they have a cold. Eating is rough for him today because he is having a hard time breathing not to mention the really bad butt rash he woke up with.
So today was the first saturday of the year that I got myself out of bed at 530am, fed Cody, and ventured out into the cold for some good yard saling! My sister and I found a ton of great stuff today including, legos and a lego table, clothes, car seat for Hailey, VHS Movies (yes thats right I still have a VHS player), and a turtle that holds more legos! It is great when yard sale season rolls around and you know you (or your sister) is crazy because they ripped out the yard sale postings from the new paper and knows excatly where to find all the good deals! Also not to mention leaving at 6am when yard sales do not really open until 7am. You have to get there before all the mennonites or you will miss out! Like the sweet pack n play that I was looking for ALL morning and was 2seconds too late and lost a good deal!
I am looking foward to the weather getting warmer for a few reasons, ONE: Little kids are not as snotty and germy in the summer/fall, TWO: MORE yard sales to hunt out when the weather is nicer, and THREE: Cook outs on weekends are the best!

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