Sunday, June 27, 2010

Getting soooo big

Cody is 4 months now and growing like a weed!I am so glad summer is here it makes the time go a little faster it seems like. And before we know it, it will be September and Cody will be 7 months old! But for now he is loving life more and more every day. He started eating cereal and fruit in the last couple weeks and I think he really likes it. I know I do! Cody is getting so strong too, he loves playing on his playmat and grabbing anything he can.
I took on another job for the summer so my schedule has been really crazy but I love the time I get to spend with Cody and Justin when I am home. Justin has been working SO much lately as well. This Justin and his brother Dillon will be going to the PA Grand Canyon to go hiking and spending some time together before Dillon goes off to boot camp!
I am so excited to the 4th of July this weekend I know I will be enjoying a nice cook out and some frosty drinks!

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